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How can I record RealMedia stream by .RAM meta file?
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Friday, 01 December 2006

RAM( .RAM) - File Extension Information

RAM is the file extension for the RealMedia metafile.
Reference one or more remote RealAudio or RealMedia streams. Use this file type for RM Media redirection. Use a text editor to create a .RAM file that contains a single line: the full URL to the .RM file (e.g., MYAUDIO.RAM contains as its only entry).
Metafiles are text files you create that contain the location of an audio file. Use the following format:
For example, you might have the following reference for file welcome.ra :

The metafile does not require any other commands or information. You can put more than one file location in the metafile, and it will play each file consecutively. When saving the metafile, use the .ram extension. The previous example might be saved in a file with the name welcome.ram.

RAM Player - RealPlayer

As RAM are proprietary to Real Networks, usually these file types have to be played through one of their players.

RAM Recorder - Mini-stream Ripper

RAM Ripper/Downloader/Capturer - RM Downloader

How to download/save/capture/record/rip RAM RealMedia streams

Mini-stream Ripper only captures audio streams. Rm Downloader Records both video and audio streams. Here we give an example of RM Downloader.

  1. Open RM Downloader(RD)
  2. If you have downloaded the ram file which you want to record, drag the file on RD's UI. RD will load the stream automatically.
  3. If you prefer to manually enter the ram file's address directly into CR, click on the Load button on RD's screen to open the URL Loading screen. In the "Load" box that opens, type in: "". Then click 'ok', CR will load the stream for you.
  1. If you want to record the stream which RealPlayer is playing, single click the "File" drop-down menu on the RealPlayer interface. Choose "View file info" under "Clip Properties", Copy "" in the MP3 Stream Info Box. Paste the address "" in the CR's loading url box. Then click 'ok', RD will load the stream for you.
  1. If the stream has been sucessfully loaded, you'll get the message "Please press 'Start' to download the ready files". If not, you'll get an error message.
  1. Click on the Start button on the right of RD's screen to start recording.


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